2014 Resolutions
2014 List of City Council Resolutions  


 Resolution Number

 Partial Title



Subrecipient Agreement between the City of Colusa and Regional Housing Authority for Housing Consultant Services


Authorizing acceptance of a short sale settlement for a CDBG Rehabilitation Loan


Approving the contract for the renovation of the City Swimming Pool to Holiday Pool
 02/04/14  14-04 Approving Interim CM to sign Revolving Fund Application for Planning Funds
 02/04/14 14-05  Granting Ownership on the 10th Street Signal Light Right of Way to the State of California
 02/13/14 14-06
Adoption of Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Mid-Year Budget
 03/04/14 14-07 Adoption of Landscape Agreement with the State of  California
 03/18/14 14-08 City Conflict of Interest Code
 04/15/14 14-09
Approving Interim CM to submit Grant Application to Boating and Waterways
 04/15/14  14-10 Updating and Approving Comprehensive Fee Schedule
 04/15/14  14-11 Approving Interim CM to sign a Cal Trans request for funding
 04/15/14  14-12 Adopting use of unassigned sewer fund balance to offset 2014-2015 Sewer base rate and flow rate charge increase
 05/06/14  14-13 Approving the First Amendment  to the Franchise Agreement between the City and Recology
 05/06/14 14-14 Approving and authorizing the Interm City Manager to execute contract with Smith Newell for Fiscal Year 2014-2016
 05/06/14  14-15 Initiate proceedings pursuant to the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 for the City of Colusa, Parks, Trees, and Pool improvement District
 05/06/14  14-16 Initiate Proceedings for Levy Assessment for Hoblits
 05/06/14  14-17 Initiate Proceedings for Levy Assessment for Colusa Meadows West
 05/20/14 14-18
Adopting New City Drug and Alcohol Policy
 05/20/14 14-20
Establishing the Appropriation limit for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year
  14-21 Issuance of Type 20 License for Alcohol Beverage Control at  819 Bridge Street
 05/20/14 14-22
Approving General Plan Amendment #01-10
 05/20/14 14-23
Approving Request to LAFCO to initiate proceedings for annexation of 212 acres of property south of Colusa City Limits
 05/20/14 14-24
Updating guidelines for CDBG Program Housing Rehab Program and First Time Homebuyers Program
 05/20/14  14-25 CDBG ReUse Plan
 05/20/14  14-26 CDBG RLA Redistribution
 05/20/14  14-27 GPR Old Grammer School
 06/17/14 14-28
Authorizing the execution of an Intergovernmental Agency Agreement
 06/17/14 14-29 Continue with previously established policy prefunding OPEB liabilities and contribute $750,000 for 2013-2014 CERBT Contribution
 06/17/14 14-30
SRA - Declaring support for High Recreational Use
 07/15/14 14-31
General Election Consolidation with the County
 07/15/14  14-32 Intergovernmental Agency Agreement HOME
 07/15/14 14-33 Adopting SELSF for FY 2014-2015
 08/05/14 14-34
Adopting the Proposed Budget For FY 2014-2015
 08/05/14 14-35
Hoblit Public Facilities Assessment District
 08/05/14 14-36 Colusa Meadows West Facilities Assessment District
 08/05/14 14-37
City of Colusa Parks Trees and Pool Improvement District
 08/05/14  14-38 Agreement between the City and CIP for a limited emergency water supply intertie
08/19/14  14-39 Write off Gardenhire HOME Loan
 08/19/14 14-40
Adopting to proceed with Prop 218
 09/02/14 14-41  Issuance of Beer Only License to Colusa Movie Theater  
 09/16/14 14-42 Appointment of Nominated City Officers as if Elected at the 11/04/14 General Elections
 09/16/14  14-43 Approval of the the General Plan Amendment of #01-13 (GPA)
 09/16/14  14-44  Requesting LAFCO to initiate proceedings for the reorganization of territory involving approx 304.4 acres of property
 09/16/14  14-45 Requesting LAFCO to initiate proceedings for the reorganization of territory involving approx .16 acres of property
 09/16/14  14-46 Adopting a Negative Decleration for the 2014-2019 Housing Element Update
 09/16/14 14-47
Adopting the 2014-2019 Housing Element Update, Chapter 9 of the General Plan
 09/16/14  14-48 Authorizing Interim City Manager to execute agreement with CEC for Wescott Road Rehab Project
 10/21/14  14-49 Executing the CDEBG Program Income Reuse Agreement
 10/21/14  14-50 Renaming Memorial Park to Veterans Memorial Park
 10/21/14 14-51
Agreeing to the Exchange of Tax Revenues following the proposed Annexation to the City of Colusa of certain territory commonly know as Colusa Industrial Properties.
 11/18/14  14-52 Establishing Meeting Dates and Times of Commissions
 11/18/14  14-53 City Manager to execute agreements and amendments with CA Dept. of Transportation for Wescott Rd.
 11/18/14  14-54 Project Acceptance as complete- Eastside Pump Station
 11/18/14  14-55 Set Public Hearing for Prop. 218
 2014 List of Successor Agency 
 Date Resolution Number    Partial Title
 02/04/2014 SA14-01 Adopting the ROPS for July 2014 through December 2014
SA14-02 Approving ROPS for January 2015 - June 2015