City Council

The citizens of Colusa elect five City Council members to staggered four-year terms. In turn, the City Council appoints a Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem each November. The Mayor presides at City Council meetings and has one vote, as do the other members. City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday evenings in the Council Chambers at City Hall located at 425 Webster Street.
 Greg Ponciano      Tom Reische
Mayor Greg Ponciano
(term expires November, 2020


Mayor Pro Tem Thomas Reische
(term expires November, 2022)




Josh Hill     Dave Markss

Council Member Josh Hill
  (term expires November, 2022) 


Council Member Dave Markss
 (term expires November, 2020)




Brent Nobles



Council Member  Brent Nobles
(term expires November, 2020)




The City Council serves as the legislative and policy branch of City government. Its purpose is to set overall policy direction, and its mission is to maintain and improve the quality of life of the City’s residents. This mission is carried out through focusing on the cities public safety; as well as developing a strong finacial foundation to improve the infrastructure and provide for long term finacial stability. The Council strives for a productive working relationship with the public by maintaining a transparent City Government and promoting community involvment in the desicion making process.

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