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Training consists of all aspects of potential emergency responses including wildland, structural and vehicle fires, emergency medical and rescues, and mitigation of potential problems that may cause harm to public safety. Personnel are trained in the operation and use of fire apparatus, fire hose and nozzles, self contained breathing apparatus, extraction tools and other basic and specialized equipment. Knowledge based training includes practices in emergency medical care, incident command system, fire suppression tactics and strategies, as well as hazardous material response.

The Colusa Fire Department firefighting training program conforms to the standards set forth by NFPA and utilizes training materials provided by California’s State Fire Training and International Fire Service Training Association. Medical training conforms to requirements set forth by Sierra-Sacramento Valley Emergency Medical Services Inc. in which their program conforms to California Emergency Medical Services Association’s regulations. 

Training is scheduled primarily on Wednesday evenings, additional training at times are scheduled for weekends and other days of the week. Attendance to training outside the department is encouraged for all personnel. 

Training up to the level of Firefighter 2 is encouraged for all Firefighting personnel. Medical training to the level of First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician 1 is also highly encouraged. 

Currently the Department has several individuals that have received training from California State Fire Training in the area of Fire Instructor, the Department also has an instructor for First Responder medical training. 

The Department has a 60-hour Volunteer Firefighter Basic Academy for new volunteers. After successful completion, they will be available to respond to incidents, and under the direction of Fire Officers, assist with the mitigation of the incident. Continued attendance to scheduled training sessions is required. 

All personnel receives National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) compliant incident command systems training.

Each year wildland fire fighting strike team training is attended by department personnel that are available to respond to fill requests of the department. 

Department Fire Officers, in addition to regular training, receive advanced Incident Command System and other fire officer training to be proficient in directing the mitigation of incidents in an efficient manner. California Fire Officer Training is encouraged through the State Fire Training for Officers. 

With using training materials from California State Fire Training recognizing the standards set forth by NFPA and California EMSA in the training program of the Department, the highest level of service is provided to the Community of Colusa. 

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