Fire Suppression

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Fire Suppression encompasses a wide variety of tactics used to attack and extinguish a fire. Above all, SAFETY is the prime element. Colusa Fire Department uses the “Two In, Two Out” rule for all structure fires. This means that two firefighters will always enter a burning building TOGETHER and two more firefighters will stand by outside the structure to assist the two firefighters inside the structure should the need arise. Should one of the firefighters inside must leave the structure for any reason, BOTH shall leave the structure. Firefighters also wear special fire resistant protective clothing. 

One tactic that is essential in structural firefighting is ventilation. Ventilation is the means by which hot gases and smoke are allowed to escape from the building. One method of ventilation is Positive Pressure Ventilation. In this method, a large fan is placed at the front or back door and the building is pressurized with air. Then certain windows and doors are opened which forces the air out of the building. This allows the firefighters to see clearer within the structure. 

An important piece of equipment in suppression is the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus or SCBA. This consists of an air tank worn on the firefighter’s back, a face mask and a regulator piece which attaches to the front of the face mask. A voice emitter can be attached to the side of the face mask allowing the wearer to be heard clearer without having to shout. 

In addition to providing structure fire protection, the Department also provides protection from wild land fires. During the annual fire season which generally runs from May through November, Colusa Fire Department responds to all grass fires within the City Limits. In addition, the Department also responds to calls for mutual aid by other fire departments for grass fires within the county as well as out of county mutual aid strike team requests. 

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