Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Phone: (530) 458-7721

Emergency Medical Services has become an integral part of the Fire Service. In fact, a large majority of the Department’s calls are for Medical Assistance. The Department’s first out fire engine contains a wide variety of EMS equipment to handle calls from a heart attack to a broken leg. This includes backboards, Portable Oxygen, cervical spine immobilization equipment, various types of splints, vacuum suction unit. 

A great advancement in EMS is the Automated External Defibrillator or Defib. This allows the rescuer to essentially “jump start” a patient’s heart and has been credited with saving many lives in the field. The Colusa Fire Department was the first fire department in Colusa County to acquire and train its personnel on the use of the AED. 

A large number of the Department’s firefighters are certified EMT-D’s, which means they are certified Emergency Medical Technicians with an additional certification in the use of an AED. Those who do not wish to become EMT’s may become first responders. All of Colusa Fire Department’s firefighters are certified in CPR. 

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