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Fire Apparatus is categorized by types according to the capabilities. Type 1 apparatus is used for structure firefighting. Type 2 is used for both structural and wild land firefighting. Type 3 is used for wild land firefighting. The types are based in part on the size of the water tank on the engine as well as the sizes of hose and the types of equipment carried on the engine. Colusa Fire Department has 6 fire engines. The engine designations and apparatus types are shown below. 
E-551 (Type 1) - 2013 HiTech / Spartan Pumper
E-552 (Type 1, 2) - 2002 HME / Westates Pumper
T-553 (Type 1) - 1980 Crown/Pierce/Tele-Squrt
T-555 (Type 1) - 1986 E-One Aerial Truck
E-561 (Type 3) - 2009 HME Ahrens-Fox

C-570 - 2008 Ford Expedition     (Staff Unit)
O-571 - 2004 Ford Expedition    (Staff Unit)

Colusa Fire Department currently has two aerial devices to assist with fire suppression.

Engine 553 is a Crow/Pierce engine with a 50 foot top-mounted Tele-Squirt with an extending ladder. This apparatus, when deployed as a water deliverance device, is capable of putting out 1,000 gallons of water per minute, making it a very effective tool for fire suppression. This engine also carries a variety of ladders for different uses.

Truck 555 is an E-One apparatus with an 80 foot telescoping ladder with a nozzle mounted just beneath the end of the ladder. This apparatus has the capability of pumping 1,500 gallons of water per minute. The truck also has a wide assortment of cabinets allowing it to carry a multitude of equipment for a wide variety of incidents. It also carries a variety of ladders.



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