In 1873, 34 men agreed to form the first fire company that is now known as the COLUSA FIRE DEPARTMENT. Since that time, the Colusa Fire Department has maintained a tradition of unyielding service to the citizens of Colusa.  The department is a combination of paid and volunteer personnel which encompasses a paid staff of five (5) and a volunteer roster of twenty-five (25). From human-driven hose carts to current state-of-the-art firefighting equipment, the Colusa Fire Department has always maintained a vision of meeting today's challenges and preparing for tomorrow's. 
Technology is ever-changing, but the tradition of the Fire Service and the commitment to life, property, and fellowship never dies.
From those first 34 men, to the current roster, many citizens have shown extraordinary devotion to the Fire Service, giving countless hours to the safety and well-being of Colusa.
Emergency Medical Services has grown to become an integral part of the Fire Service.  The Colusa Fire Department has met the challenge in stride.  Responding not only to fires, but medical emergencies as well.  Colusa Fire Department was the first fire department in Colusa County to acquire and train their personnel in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator.  This is one of many achievements for Colusa Fire in striving to protect the lives of the citizens of Colusa.
Over the years, the Colusa Fire Department has seen nine (9) Fire Chiefs. 
The current Fire Chief is:
 Fire Chief 
Logan Conley
Colusa Fire Department
750 Market Street
Colusa, CA 95932
Phone: 530-458-7721
Fax: 530-458-5883
Facebook link: Colusa City Firefighters Association
 Under the leadership of the Fire Chief, the Department undertakes many missions including:

* Fire Prevention     * Fire suppression
* EMS    * Commercial Inspections
* Pre-Fire Planning    * Fire Apparatus
* Org Structure    * Aerial Truck Training
* Stats/Calls    * Fire Prevention
* OES    * Weed Abatement
* ISO Rating\    * CCFA
* Rescue    

Colusa Fire Department Mission Statement:
"To provide effective emergency services for the control and reduction of the impacts from fire, medical emergency, hazardous material, terrorism, and natural or man-made disasters for our community. This mission is carried out through prevention, suppression, training standards, and information & education programs."